On my least favorite book adaptation… (and ranting)

First of all, let me tell you that I know many of you will want to lynch me, since this is the favorite HP movie of many. It’s ok. Maybe other people will agree with me. Still, I’m going to let my opinion be known. Be warned: rant coming up.

Day 17: Least favorite book adaptation.

Please note that it says “least favorite”, not “the one I hate the most”. That would go to the Neverending Story parts 2 and 3 –but that’s another story.

It’s Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

I know it’s the single most favorite adaptation of many people in all the HP movies, but it’s not mine. I know, it has many brilliant moments, the best of which is the Time Turner scene. It’s very cleverly done and depicts what happens in the book very well, adding even things that are not in the book, but work fantastically.

However, it leaves out MANY important things in favor of giving screen time to others that are SO lame (hello, Whomping Willow killing off birds!!)… Who were the Marauders? Why does Snape (as far as we know) hate James Potter so much? Why does Lupin know how to work the map? Who knows!! But hey, we get to see lots and lots of Willow, right?

Alfonso Cuarón is my countryman. He is good. He put some very neat stuff in PoA (loved the sugar skulls in Honeydukes). But he and Kloves butchered the book as far as I’m concerned.

So that’s it; that’s why the movie corresponding to my second favorite HP book (after DH; before, it was my favorite) is my least favorite book adaptation.

Do you agree? Do you not? Do tell, please. I’m always interested in what you think.

See you soon!


2 thoughts on “On my least favorite book adaptation… (and ranting)

  1. You’re so right. They left out so much of the important stuff in this one, but I still really enjoy it. The one I can’t get past is Half-Blood Prince. If they hadn’t messed that up so badly, they wouldn’t have had to come up with that silly, Harry can hear/feel the horcruxes business…among other silly changes. Ridiculous.

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