On… pizza!!!

That’s what we had for lunch today. Two delicious pizzas made by yours truly. I used a new dough recipe and had a few setbacks; if you want to know what happened, read on!

I was dying to eat some pizza, so I decided to make two, not for the first time. This time I used Buddy Valastro’s pizza dough recipe. I decided to make a pepperoni/ham pizza and a vegetarian one.

I have to say, Buddy’s dough is beautiful. So soft and elastic… it turned out great. My mistake, SPOILER!!, was that I made the crust too thin for the vegetarian pizza. And I used fresh tomato. I know, I know. I won’t make the same mistake again.

The pizzas turned out like this:

They were, in truth, delicious. And I say “were” because there was nothing left.

The pepperoni/ham pizza was flawless, I think. Crunchy, well cooked.

The vegetarian pizza… not that flawless. Since the crust was so thin and the tomato let out liquid, it got stuck to the sheet in some places, and two slices basically disintegrated before eating them. But trust me, I’ve learned my lesson. Next time, not soooo thin and NO fresh tomato. Also, putting the vegetables on top of the cheese wouldn’t hurt. And I need a new pizza pan.

So, conclusion? Lunch was great, even if there were a few problems, and I learned valuable pizza-making lessons. Can’t wait to make more!!

With this, I say bye now… and see you soon!



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