On me finishing A Dance with Dragons!

I did it!! And I regret it!! I wanted it to last more…

How long will we A Song of Ice and Fire fans have to wait until The Winds of Winter?? Only George R.R. Martin knows. But I have already finished the fifth installment, and I enjoyed every bit.

This book brings us back to some of our favorite characters, such as Tyrion and Jon Snow, as well as Daeneris and others. After the second half of the book we start reading about people we read about in A Feast for Crows.

This book doesn’t have as many turns as, for instance, A Storm of Swords. But it does have some very interesting happenings (one of them is incredible, seeing as you NEVER see it coming), especially approaching the end. The Epilogue is EPIC. The book definitely leaves you wanting to read the next book, let’s say, YESTERDAY. Seriously, book 6 can’t be released fast enough.

However, since I know it will probably be a long time before I can read it, I will read the third installment of Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s Darkness Trilogy (in Spanish it’s named “Eterna“), then I’ll divide my time between the re-reading of the Song of Ice and Fire series and The Lord of the Rings. It’s been a long time since I read it last. Also, I see some Chronicles of Narnia in my future.

If you’re a Song of Ice and Fire fan, good for you. If you’re not, what are you waiting for??? It’s truly awesome.

Well, bye now. I have some reading to do…

See you soon!


8 thoughts on “On me finishing A Dance with Dragons!

  1. I only read your headline as to beware of spoilers. I’m a little more than halfway and am enjoying it al. I’ll come back when I’m done to read your take on it!

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