On the movie with my favorite villain.

Oh, this was a quick one! To be true, I don’t remember which movie I picked the last time I did this challenge, but I have a very clear favorite now!

Day 27: Movie with your favorite villain.

Definitely, it’s Thor. My favorite villain? Loki, of course!! Tom Hiddleston gave Loki such a complexity, such a beautiful personality… Sure, the guy is wrong. He wants to get what he wants by any means necessary, and that isn’t cool. But… he truly loves his father, he just wants to be loved by him. He has spent his whole life in Thor’s shadow, trying to be as great as his brother. Or close enough. I would even venture to say he does love Thor. He’s just mistaken about his methods… I don’t know, I just loved the way he portrayed Loki. And his eyes.

I loved to see Loki in The Avengers as well, but I preferred him in Thor. In The Avengers, he’s more evil. His performance is excellent too, but in Thor he’s very real, vulnerable. A very good villain (oh, the paradox!).

What about you? Who’s your favorite villain?

See you soon!


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