On the movie with my favorite hero.

This came close to being the movie with my favorite villain too, but I just like Loki too much. But this one is, without a doubt, my favorite hero.

Day 28: Movie with your favorite hero.

The Dark Knight.

Thank you, Christopher Nolan, for reinventing Batman after the horrible movies there were before (except the ones Tim Burton directed, although I didn’t really like Batman Returns).

The Dark Knight shows us the level of commitment a man can have with his purpose in life. It shows us how a person can take on things he does not deserve, just so that hope can survive. It shows us the lengths a person can go to, just to provoke caos. It gives us the best Joker and the best Batman imaginable. I suppose I don’t have to say it’s one of my favorite movies ever… Whenever I watch Batman Begins, which I also love, I have to watch The Dark Knight. This movie is pure excellence.

Batman is my favorite hero precisely because he doesn’t have super powers; he chooses to do good because he wants to. He has all the money he can wish for, but he decides to use it for the good of humanity. He doesn’t care to give the impression of being self-absorbed and superficial, as long as he can do good when the sun goes down. Plus, he is HOT (I’m talking to you, Christian Bale).

Who’s your favorite hero? Do you also like this movie?

See you soon!


8 thoughts on “On the movie with my favorite hero.

  1. OOh…yeah. Christian Bale is hot as Batman. And Gary Oldman is great, but doesn’t get enough screen time. Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman are great. I have never understood the appeal of Heath Ledger though. I could barely sit through his scenes, they seemed so forced to me, and I got so tired of his character.

    • Oh, there I have to disagree with you. I think Ledger was even better than Jack Nicholson… I think he was the perfect portrayal of a person who has nothing to lose, and he just likes to see the world burn, like Michael Caine says…

  2. What works with Nolan’s Bat-trilogy (copyrighted by me) is how much ‘humanity’ is put back into the series. You can tell based on the writing/dialogue/script that Nolan wants to make audiences have some sort of connection with the characters. Example: Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman. We don’t really know anything about her personal history, just that she’s a desperate thief. However, her actions (as well as the character and acting) make the audience feel bad that she’s had to resort to this type of lifestyle. Unlike those other Batman movies (*Cough*Schumacher*Cough*).

    • Oh, Patrick, what are you talking about? Schumacher’s characters are sooooo relatable!! ~falls struck by lightning~
      No, I agree completely. It’s that dose of realism, together with the excellent stories, that set Nolan’s Bat-trilogy so awesome. I even feel weird about including these movies in the “super-hero” category. Bruce Wayne is a real character, as are all the rest.

      • What’s great about the Nolan-verse is that it never forgets its characters. With Harvey Dent you can actually feel sorry for him after what happens to him. And, dare I say, his death was really quite shocking and emotional. None of the plot feels “forced”…unlike that OTHER Batman movie where they crammed in every villain they could to make toys.
        Additionally, the political references to today’s society I found interesting. For example, in Dark Knight, how people react when they’re panicked and in chaos. But, additionally, how Nolan wants to discuss political references (Ex. Occupy Wall Street in DKR.). It’d be interesting to have a conversation with him to see what his inspiration was.

Please let me know what you think!!

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