On the last movie I watched.

Well, the most recenly watched. I can tell you two things: I didn’t plan to watch it, and it was CRAAAAAZY.

Day 30: Last movie you watched.

It’s called May… I encountered it on TV the other night, and since there was nothing else to watch, I watched it.

May is a girl who is deeply alone. She sews and she loves dolls, especially one. Too much, I’d say. She has a very hard time connecting to other people… basically, because she had a rough childhood and because she’s very creepy. She has a girl friend (Anna Faris), and she meets a boy she likes (Jeremy Sisto)… it seems he likes her, but as it can be expected, he ends up getting away from her because he’s freaked out. So, since she can’t get company that will be with her willingly, she will have to make herself someone to be with her. Did I mention she liked to sew?

I had never seen the actress that plays May before; her name is Angela Bettis. I think she did a pretty good job in this movie; she is really frightening, and she can look either vulnerable, shy and terrifying. Anna Faris does a very good job too, and her role is not funny at all… more cinical than anything. And Jeremy Sisto (L&O) is ok; he looks very young.

I didn’t love this movie; I don’t even know if I liked it. It was compelling, and the end is pretty shocking. One thing is true: the really important stuff happens in the last 15 minutes of the movie (the CRAZY part). I’d say, if you have nothing else to do and they show it on TV, go ahead.

What’s the last movie you saw? Did you like it?


Please let me know what you think!!

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