On a movie by my favorite director(s).

Welcome to the second part of the movie challenge!!

I don’t only have one favorite director, but several… I will say, however, that my two favorite directors are Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton.

31. A movie by your favorite director.

That said, I’m going to mention two movies. I suppose everyone knows by now that I adore Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight, so I will speak about a different movie. And I’ll mention a movie by Burton too.

Christopher Nolan: Inception.

A great idea, full of originality, with astounding special effects and great acting. This is one of those movies that you HAVE to see more than once, and every time you see it you understand it a bit more. Dreams are only dreams… or aren’t they?

Tim Burton: Sleepy Hollow.

What? A movie by Tim Burton, with Johnny Depp? Yes!! I love Sleepy Hollow. When it was in cinemas, I went to see it two days in a row. I just loved the way the sword sounded ever time the horseman (the wonderful Christopher Walken) would cut off a head. Ha!! I think this movie is one of the best examples of Tim Burton’s work, and it’s fantastic. Not a horror movie, though… I’ve heard many people say that “the blood looks fake” and “it’s not scary”. Of course; the blood is not supposed to look real, and the movie is NOT a horror one. It’s just Tim Burton; either you like his work, or you don’t. And I love it.

What about you? Who’s your favorite director?

See you soon!


2 thoughts on “On a movie by my favorite director(s).

  1. Million Dollar Baby, directed by Clint Eastwood. Love the movie, love his direction, love that he likes strong female characters. I also really love Gran Torino. Remarkable in every way. Such a powerful and beautiful movie.

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