On the movie I have seen the most times.

Honestly??? Why do they do this to me? I have seen MANY movies LOADS of times. But only one? Mmmm… I’ll have to think it over. Oh, I know! A movie from my childhood…

Day 33. Movie you have seen the most times.

The movie (I think) I have seen the most is The Neverending Story. Only part one; I haven’t bothered to see the others because they look nothing like the book, and I tend to be a purist. Of course the first movie itself is not very like the book, but it’s close enough to be pretty decent.

I first watched this movie when I was 11. It had an unimaginable impact in my life. As soon as I could, I got my hands on the book, and I absolutely loved it. I have read it a number of times since then, and it always means something different. I am a big lover of the movie because it made me be happy about being a child for once.

The movie tells the story of Bastian Balthazar Bux, a young boy who loves books, but just doesn’t fit in his reality. His father is emotionally away from him due to depression resulting from his mother’s death. He is also bullied at school. One day, escaping from some bullies, he gets into a bookstore and discovers the book that will change his life…

If you haven’t seen the movie, I absolutely recommend it. Some special effects are really dated, but the story doesn’t get old. In this world of remakes, one dream I have is that someone who really loves the book does a remake of the movie, this time including everything that comes in the book, and with proper special effects. That movie NEEDS a good and decent remake.

Well, what do you think? Do you like the Neverending Story? What movie have YOU seen the most times?

See you soon!



4 thoughts on “On the movie I have seen the most times.

  1. I’ve only seen The Neverending Story recently, and have to say it was so dated I didn’t enjoy it. Perhaps if I’d seen it years ago it might have had more of an impact. I don’t know which movie I’ve seen the most, it’s one of these: Mary Poppins, The Empire Strikes Back or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 1.

    • I-m sure if you had seen it when it cae out, you would have a different impression. It’s as I said; that movie needs a good remake… Other movies I’ve seen many, many times are Clash of the Titans (original), Spider-man (courtesy of my older boy), etc.

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