On my least favorite and favorite remakes…

Remakes… tricky at best. Some are reaaaaally good, some are awful. And in today’s world, they are everywhere. Today I talk about two of them: favorite and least favorite… which is which?

39. Least Favourite/ Favorite Movie Remake.

Least favorite: Psycho.

When I first heard that they’d make a remake of Psycho, and that it would be EXACTLY the same, I thought it was an interesting idea. However, when you see it… well, it’s not. I enjoyed Vince Vaughn’s Norman Bates, but that was pretty much what I liked. There is really no excitement in watching the same thing all over again, copied bit by bit. I’d rather see an adaptation. But I think the main problem here is that they made a remake of one of those unique movies which DO NOT need a remake. Ever.


Favorite remake: A Nightmare on Elm Street.

I love Freddy Krueger. I have to say that soon. I always loved him, because he was so cinical. Robert Englund did a great job at creating Fred Krueger… such a good job, that there came a moment when you couldn’t think of one without the other. And then came Jackie Earle Haley. He gave Freddy a new dimension of cruelty and creepiness. Plus, I liked that backstory they gave on him. I always got the idea that he had been a horrible man, but me being so small, I never knew why. This was a cool explanation. I also liked this new approach; the old movies were scary, but also funny and sometimes even ridiculous. This new movie was scary and… scary. And scary is good!!

So, that’s it. There are other remakes I like or dislike, but that’s another story… What about you? What’s your favorite and least favorite remake?

See you soon!


6 thoughts on “On my least favorite and favorite remakes…

  1. Favorite remake? “The Magnificent Seven” from “Seven Samurai”. Well…Kurosawa always professed an affection for westerns and so do I. Least favorite is hands down “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. I still cringe that I spent good money to watch Will’s Smith’s brat make faces on an IMAX screen.

    • Yes, that can happen… more or less what I felt with “You’ve got mail”; I couldn’t believe I had actually paid to see it. I didn’t think much of The Day the Earth stood still either. And as for Kurosawa, well he was a genius!

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