On a movie I’d like to see remade.

Hi!! Coincidentally, I had just mentioned what movie I’d like to see remade. I said it was another story, and well… here it is.

40. A movie that you want to be remade.

The Neverending Story.

Back in 1985, this movie was pretty awesome. It was so awesome, that I learned pretty much all the dialogues and lines by heart, even though I had absolutely no idea what I was saying. However, the first movie only covers (and loosely) a very short part of the complete story. I understand, special effects were not that hot then, some things were hard to do. But in the present time, all the book could easily be translated into two movies covering everything, and with stunning visuals.

I can imagine Atreyu as he should be, with green-olive skin and black hair, so black it shines bluish. Bastian should be fat now, not skinny like the one in the old movie. I can picture the silver city, and the desert of different colors. Perelin, with flowers that are both huge and beautiful, the glass made memories… There are so many things that were left out, and so many others that were deformed in the –horrible– sequels.

In this modern times, someone like Peter Jackson could do wonders with this movie. Please, someone, REMAKE THIS MOVIE!!

What about you? Do you agree or disagree? What other movie would you like to see remade?


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