On a movie by my favorite Mexican director.

Once again, they asked from a movie from my favorite director from my country (too many “my”‘s for my taste). Well, that happens to be Guillermo del Toro.

45. A movie by your favourite director from your country.

I think I already mentioned El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan’s Labyrinth), so I’ll talk about a different one.


Say hello to my little friend!

Whaaaaat? Not a Mexican movie!! I know, but the director is Mexican. And they said “director from your country”. Hellboy it is!!

I have never read Hellboy’s comics; let me say that first and foremost. However, I love the character. He is reckless, careless, and contrary to what he “is supposed to be”, a faithful catholic. Oh, and the son of evil. He’s red, ugly, with big horns –that he keeps short–, and ADORABLE.

Special mention goes to the performance os the incredible Ron Perlman; he has done an amazing job, and I really hope we can see him again in a third movie. And John Hurt, as usual, was great.

Hellboy 2 I also greatly enjoyed, especially the variety of beings, the awesome Luke Goss as Prince Nuada, the fantasy touches, and the superb “I can’t smile without you” scene where Red and Abe are druuunk (with Tecate Light… ugh!). But I still prefer the first movie.

What about you? What is a movie you like by your favorite director from your country?

See you soon!


4 thoughts on “On a movie by my favorite Mexican director.

  1. Hellyboy and Hellboy 2 were awesome. I also loved how creative they got with the ‘monsters’ and beings in Hellboy 2. I could watch del Toro’s creations forever. He might be making a third!!!

  2. He’s Canadian and American, but Juno directed by Jason Reitman. Didn’t like the character Juno at all, but loved her father and Jason Bateman’s character. Honestly, not a big fan of Canadian movies, I find them too dry and the dialogue stilted much of the time.

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