On a film I stopped watching before the end.

This was, according to the challenge, the day to talk about an overratd film. Since I already did that, I just skipped to the next one, which is this. A movie I couldn’t finish…

48. Film, you walked out of the cinema from (or you wanted to).

I didn’t go to the movies to watch this film; I saw it on video. The part that I saw, anyway. Now that I think about it, I have never walked out of the movies before any film finished. Probably many of you like it very much, but I just couldn’t watch it until the end, because I was confused and bored.

12 Monkeys.

Maybe if I saw it today… maybe. This happened about 13 years ago, and I’ve grown… maybe.

I can’t really talk about it; the only thing I remember is changes from present to past to future, and a very disturbed Brad Pitt. I do think he acted very well, but that’s all I think about it. If you’ve seen it, tell me if you think I should finish it.

How about you? Have you ever walked out of the movies during a film, or stopped the video before it finished?

See you soon!


Please let me know what you think!!

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