On a movie whose ending I did not expect.

There have been a few of those… I mean, you normally have an idea of how a movie is going to end. But just sometimes, a movie comes along and it surprises you to the core. Those movies I enjoy so much.

51. A movie whose ending you didn’t expect.

Here I could mention movies such as The Prestige or The Usual Suspects. But for me, the absolute winner is…

The Sixth Sense.

If you haven’t seen The Sixth Sense, what are you waiting for? You’re missing on a seriously good thriller. And if you haven’t seen a movie which has been public for thirteen years… well, don’t complain about being spoiled, ok?

And if you have seen it… DID YOU EVER SEE THAT COMING? If you see the movie again, it makes perfect sense; everything falls into place. But the very first time, you get  the surprise of your life!!

SPOILER ALERT: I’m embedding the end of the movie; just in case.

How about you? Which ending didn’t you see coming?

See you soon!


4 thoughts on “On a movie whose ending I did not expect.

  1. I saw the ending coming from the moment Bruce Willis sat down in the restaurant. When he didn’t move the chair, I knew he was dead. It made ‘The Others’ and ‘Secret Window’ very easy to figure out as well. I really thought that there was going to be something else big at the end of ‘Sixth Sense’ because I’d figured that out so early. I’d pick either ‘Primal Fear’ or ‘The Usual Suspects’ for the movie with the ending I didn’t see coming.

  2. I feel like Inception had a pretty (albeit not “shocking”) big “twist” ending. I mean, it’s not really definitive and you have to make of it what you will. Which I found both really interesting and frustrating (as I really wanted a definitive answer as to how that movie ended). But isn’t the purpose of a movie to make the audience think and to imagine based on what they’ve already seen and experienced?

    • Yup. That was a very good ending, if also frustrating, as you say. And you know what? I recently rewatched The Prestige, and I understood it for the first time. Maybe I was really paying attention this time. And boy, is that an amazing story and ending…

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