On a film I’d like to see at the cinema.

Oh, I remember the time when I would go to the movies every weekend… sometimes, I’d even watch two or three movies a day. I used to run out of things to watch. I’d go alone, of course. That time is gone now, and even though I love my life, I sometimes miss being a movie theater resident. Of course this post is about what movie I’d like to watch if I could go to the movies now. It’s not the only one, but it is the most important.

53. A movie in the cinema now, you want to see.

Brave, of course.

I love Pixar; I love their movies. Well… I don’t exactly love Cars 2 nor A Bug’s life, but I love most of them. But this movie, I feel I’m going to love it.

The images look dazzling and I’ve heard the story is lovely. So, I WANT TO SEE BRAVE!!!

However, I don’t think I will. Not at the movies, anyway… for one, I don’t have the time. Another major point is that it’s not available in English here, and I don’t see the point of watching a movie about Scotland if you don’t get to hear the original actors speak. I’d rather wait for the DVD.

How about you? What movie do you want to see at the cinema?


Please let me know what you think!!

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