On my favorite psychological movie.

How funny… I have just watched Black Swan… if there is a psychological movie, this has to be it. But is it my favorite?

54. Favourite psychological movie.

No, it’s not. My favorite psychological movie is also the movie I think more people have to watch, The Machinist. The problem is, I already talked about it, a lot. So, even though Black Swan is not my favorite psychological thriller, I’ll go ahead and talk about it.

Black Swan is the story of Nina, a ballerina who is completely obsessed with 1) being perfect, and 2) getting the main role in the Swan Lake ballet. Let me tell you this, before anything else: Natalie Portman earned every gram of her Oscar for this movie. She was brilliant. Absolutely contained, and explosive when she had to be. All the performances were great, actually… special mention goes to Mila Kunis, who was also fantastic in her role (Nina’s friend/competitor/fantasy).

What did I not like? Well… I didn’t feel there was much character development. From the very beginning we see a girl who is scared, obsessed with perfection, seeing ‘things’…  and suddenly, it gets worse… and worst. I would loved to have seen a gradual progression from a very perfectionist girl to a crazy-ballerina state. This might or might not have been the intention of the movie, but I felt it was too sudden, or she was plain crazy all the time. I think the main problem (from my viewpoint) was that I was never able to relate to Nina, to care for her, too feel for her. If you can’t relate to the main character, you don’t care about what happens to her. And boy, does she suffer!! I don’t know. I may be wrong, but I needed to care for Nina and I just couldn’t. She was too distant the whole time.

What did I really like? All the ending sequence. It’s plainly amazing. If you haven’t watched the movie, I won’t spoil it… but it’s worth to see the movie to see the end.

Conclusion: I liked it, and I’ll probably watch it again, but not soon…

How about you? What’s your favorite psych thriller?

See you soon!



One thought on “On my favorite psychological movie.

  1. Nice post. I agree that one cannot relate to the main heroine here much, but that’s Portman really, in my personal opinion, she lacks ‘depth’ as most of her films, excluding ‘Leon’ maybe (but then, she was very young there). My favourite psychological thriller is ‘The Machinist’ followed by ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ – very good films, I highly recommend!

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