On the weirdest/most confusing movie I’ve ever watched.

I’m wrecking my brains here… I can only think about one movie, but I’ve already talked about it… thing is, if I deem a movie too confusing, I stop watching… HA!! I know!! And it’s a movie I love, funnily enough!!!

57. Most weird/confusing movie you’ve ever watched.

Pink Floyd The Wall.

Pink Floyd? Guys breaking stuff? Cool/depressing music? A dude shaving himself like there’s no tomorrow? This movie has it all (hehe, I sounded like Stefon). I can hardly think of anything I found more confusing, and yet this movie is completely fascinating to me. I mean, whatever the Pink Floyd dudes were on while making this movie, it must have been powerful.

This movie has some of my favorite songs from that period (although of course, I came to know them much later): Another brick in the Wall, Mother, Comfortably Numb, Run like Hell… those guys were good. I really like Pink Floyd.

How about you? Is there a most confusing movie you’ve seen you either like or hate? Do you like my choice for today?

See you soon!


4 thoughts on “On the weirdest/most confusing movie I’ve ever watched.

  1. The one that comes to mind is ‘Adaptation’. I don’t think I ever had a clue what was supposed to be happening, and two Nicholas Cage’s didn’t help. I can’t stand him once, twice is just too hard to understand!! 😉

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