On a movie I think should have won an Oscar.

It’s rant time, yaaaaaay!!! Hehe… Every time I think of this, I seriously get upset. The motivations of the Academy? Only they know, I think. But sometimes they are so unfair. 

58. Movie you think should have won an oscar.

There are actually two: Pulp Fiction and L.A. Confidential.

Pulp Fiction lost to Forrest Gump, and L.A. Confidential lost to Titanic. Forrest Gump is an awesome movie, full of extraordinary special effects and having a very interesting take on the life of a person. Of course, Tom Hanks was absolutely brilliant. But Pulp FictionPulp Fiction is a completely round movie, full of excellent performances, interesting stories, epic dialogues… oh, but Academy wise , it’s full of ‘villains’, drugs (obviously), guns and language. So, it could never be Oscar winning material. Such a shame… I don’t recommend doing drugs, killing people or waltzing around doing horrible things, but I do recognize the value of a good movie when I see it. And my honest opinion is that Pulp Fiction was a better movie.

Titanic... what can I say about Titanic that you don’t know? It’s a superbly made movie that keeps on giving ($). The performances are very good, the special effects flawless. However, it’s so cliché, so predictable. As a love story it’s good, though not the best. L.A. Confidential is an extremely different movie, but I think it’s so much better. Fantastic performances, and the chance to navigate through the ‘underworld’ of the 1940’s LA. But of course, not Oscar winning material. Full of anti-heroes and not very pink stories. I was so disappointed when it didn’t win. I think the only priceless moment of that Academy Award ceremony was Kate Winslet’s face when she did not win the Best Actress Award. She was actually pretty good, but not the best. Thankfully, she has become a hundred times better.

So, that’s it. Do you have anything you want to rant about? Feel free to share.

See you soon!


10 thoughts on “On a movie I think should have won an Oscar.

  1. Personally speaking…Christopher Nolan’s been long since overdue for an Oscar. I thought that The Dark Knight (forget for a moment that it’s a ‘comic book’ movie) and Inception were excellently handled for a director. Both of them were really good movies, but, when the Academy decided to nominate only Inception for best picture and nothing else, it kind of solidified the Academy’s rigidness.

    Also, I had hoped that the last Harry Potter movie would at the very least be nominated for best picture. But when I saw the lineup instead, I was incredibly disheartened.

    • I couldn’t agree more!!! The Drak Knight is a movie you rarely see; it’s that good. Inception is SO good too… and Deathly Hallows part 2, man!!! Even my husband said it was amazing. I really hoped it would win more things, but when it didn’t win best Original Score, my heart was broken. I never before bought the music for any HP movie, not even for John Williams. What Alexandre Desplat did was nothing short of a work of art… but it’s the Academy, and we know them. They’re so idiotic sometimes.

      • They really just don’t like “big” movies and by that I mean, if a movie makes over 100 million dollars, etc. That’s what it seems to me. They prefer an indie movie (which, don’t get me wrong, I like those too) over an equally well made movie that just happens to gross more money.

  2. My biggest disappointment is still Liam Neeson not winning for Schindler’s List. Everytime I watch it, I get upset again. Tom Hanks was great in Philadelphia sure, but Oscar worthy? I didn’t think so then, don’t think so now. Neeson however, was riveting. I believed he was Oskar Schindler. I loved each and every inch of that movie. I was thrilled that the movie won, but so upset that Neeson didn’t. He was so deserving.

  3. Yeah, there is a real and well-known divide between Oscar nominations and wins, and public opinion. If Oscar reflected public opinion, even just more 50 per cent, we would have certainly saw major cult films winning Oscars such as ‘Pulp Fiction’ and ‘Shawshank Redemption’, pity we don’t live in that kind of the world, so we have to withstand ‘The King’s Speech’, for example )))

    • Well, I really enjoyed THe King’s Speech, but I don’t know if I would have awarded it so much… But at the same time, Titanic won 11 awards, and it was (and is) extremely popular. That doesn’t make it very good either. The was the Academy awards movies is just weird.

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