On my least favorite movie scene.

I thought hard about it, but I could only think of one. I couldn’t finish watching the movie in question for years, just because I couldn’t get past that scene.

59. Least Favourite Movie Scene.


The scene where the killer takes the baby from an ankle, and threatens to let him go.

Resurrection. In general, that is a disturbing movie, very much like Se7en and The Bone collector. Except in this one (SPOILERS!!), the killer is reconstructing the body of Christ with parts from different men. Except the last part has to be a newborn baby… The hero (Christopher Lambert) goes after the killer when he has already kidnapped the baby, and he does what I mentioned before. Of course our fearless hero saves the baby, but it’s such a horrible moment!! The first time I saw it, my first born was a very small baby (11 years ago), so at that moment I just started to choke and sob, and I couldn’t watch any more. I tried a second time, without success. I wasn’t able to finish the movie until last year, actually.

I like the movie; it’s just that scene… it makes me nervous. I couldn’t find it on YouTube, though.

What about you? What’s your least favorite scene from a movie?

See you soon!


Please let me know what you think!!

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