On some of my reactions to the Emmys…

Yesterday I watched the 64th Emmy Award ceremony. I had highs and lows, but… were there more highs than lows?

Tina Fey: when talent meets beauty!

First of all, the high points of the evening. Unfortunately, I don’t think there were many. Jessica Lange winning Best Supporting Actress for AHS was definitely one. She had no competition. Maggie Smith winning for Downton Abbey was another. Josh Groban is always good. Ricky Gervais is a genius; I always enjoy watching him. Tina Fey ‘forgetting her lines’ was hilarious.

Lows… well, the ceremony itself was not that good, was it? Jimmy Kimmel was not especially good or funny. The ‘In Memoriam’ that they dedicated to Kimmel… I just didn’t like that; the only good part was Josh Groban. But it wasn’t even funny, it had no point whatsoever.

Disappointments: Peter Dinklage NOT winning. Michael C. Hall not winning. SNL not winning. Game of Thrones not winning. Aaaaaah… so many not winners that I love.

What about you, did you watch the Emmys or you didn’t bother? How do you feel about the winners?

See you soon!


2 thoughts on “On some of my reactions to the Emmys…

  1. The last awards show I watched, and the only one I’ve watched in a decade or more, was Ricky Gervais hosting the last one that he hosted…the Golden Globes? He wasn’t funny. For him not to be funny is painful. I think he might be the funniest person on earth.
    Generally, I find awards shows too boring and overly long. The worst part though, is finding out that the actor you really like can’t string two words together without a script writer. The acceptance speeches are generally all the same and none stand out. I would like some one to get up on stage and simply say ‘Thank you’ and leave. They never do.

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