On my favorite movie scene.

Ok, final day of the movie challenge… no doubt, I’ll try to come up with more “my favorite” stuff. Today it’s the turn of my favorite movie scene. That was easy.

60. Favorite movie scene.


Without further ado, I give you the trailer scene from The Dark Knight.

That scene needs no introduction; it’s that awesome. And just because I want to, and because I can, the HISHE (How it should have ended) of The Dark Knight.

I hope you enjoyed my 60 day movie challenge! If you would like to know my favorite whatever, feel free to ask. I’ll try to think about more stuff; I don’t think it’ll be (too) hard…

What’s your favorite movie scene? Do share!!

See you soon!


4 thoughts on “On my favorite movie scene.

  1. That’s definitely a great scene. When I saw it in the theater for the first time, the audience gasped. They were dead silent when that truck flipped.
    What’s even cooler is how Nolan made this scene: they fired an air cannon from the truck to flip it.

    • It’s just awesome. What I like the most is the motorcycle getting on a wall and being straight again right after the truck flips. Nolan just has the most amazing special effects. And what I love the most is that he doesn’t go to CGI; he works his effects.

      • I read somewhere that when Nolan made BB, he didn’t utilize a second unit for all the stunts, which makes me think that he really cares about making all of his scenes as authentic as possible.
        I know that some of the Bat in DKR was CG, but it was at least a little believable which is more than I can say for other CGI movies today (Ahem, Transformers.).

        • Oh, I agree. People like Michael Bay go for BIG special effects and ignore content. The first movie I enjoyed, but the other two, especially the second, sucked. Nolan is really one of a kind.

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