On an amazing SpiderGeek…

Ha!!! Yup, I finally watched The Amazing Spiderman… I’ll tell you something, as honestly as I can: I never thought the new movie would replace the first trilogy so firmly in my heart. But it certainly did.

First of all, thumbs up to the cast; it was AMAZING. Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Martin Sheen, Sally Field, Dennis Leary… Everyone was fantastic, really. The story was very fresh, while it kept the essence of what Spiderman should be.

One thing I liked was that it was more faithful to the original story. For example, it shows Spidey making his web launchers, and being extremely bright in general. That kind of got lost in the first trilogy. I loved the thingy he built to lock his bedroom door. Very clever. Also, he was fun!! He was witty and funny. Andrew Garfield, my hat goes off to you, seriously.

The villain. That was a good villain. Rhys Ifans was great as Dr. Connors. I was not crazy about how he looked when he was the Lizard (the face… too flat), but he was so complex and wonderful. I loved how he was a really, really good guy, but the serum made him eeeeeeeevil.

This is a very intelligent and well made movie. Great special effects too… and the most important for me: it has heart. I totally recommend it… it’s so refreshing after watching Peter Parker go all Danny Zuko in the streets of New York, really.

What did you think? Have you seen it, did you like it?

See you soon!!


10 thoughts on “On an amazing SpiderGeek…

  1. I found this movie to be somewhat hit and miss for me. There was a lot that I liked, in fact I think the first act was extremely well done, but after that a lot of things came up that I didn’t like so much

  2. I thought it was too soon for a reboot but when I recently watched it on DVD I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I thought both the lead actors had great chemistry and loved when Spidey was swinging from crane to crane at the end.

  3. The surprisingly fresh take on Spider-Man definitely had me interested in the mythlore more. My previous conception about Spiderman used to only stem from the previous trilogy, but this was certainly more realistic although I had my griefs with it when it came to them being unable to track Parker down with some decent paper trail police work. Maybe it’s better covered up in the actual comics, but otherwise I do agree with you that it is a fresher and simply more modern [which I don’t like saying because 2002 didn’t seem too long ago] take on Spider-Man.

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