On the end of the Twilight Saga…

Yup, incredibly enough, I watched Breaking Dawn part 2 at the movies. Today. First weekend. I still can’t believe it… that I went to the movies, that is. Whaaaaaat did I think? Keep reading!!

I LOVED IT!!! As you know, or you may know, I am NOT a Twi-hard. I read the books and enjoyed them, and I’ve watched all the movies and enjoyed them as well. Not all of them to the same extent, but I enjoyed them. However, I’m not crazy about Robert Pattinson –who, to me, is still Cedric Diggory– or Taylor Lautner. But this movie… this movie was clever. And I love clever.

First of all, I liked that, for the first time, they show credits at the beginning of the movie. Beautiful images (thank you, Guillermo Navarro!!) and music that came from the first and second movies (when I heard music by Alexandre Desplat, I was so happy!! That was one of the things that are worth it about that movie).

The movie goes smoothly as it covers the story from the book. It introduces (almost) all the new characters and explains what has to be explained… it keeps you stuck to your seat as well. I actually screamed a few times… it gives us and ending that is both expected and not. CLEVER ending.

What I liked: the performances. I know many people think that Kristen Stewart can’t act, but I really don’t (she’s good; Bella is the one that was all contained). I think her portrayal as the vampire Bella was very well done; strong, but subtle. The scene where she gets mad at Jacob because of the imprint was good! And fun. And Jacob Black got his butt kicked, which is good.

One good thing about Jacob: he only takes his shirt off ONCE. That was remarkable.

The Volturi: nice job. Liked all of them this time. Especially Michael Sheen, but I already loved him, so…

I really think the casting excellent. The characters may not be what I thought they would be, but when you read books, they never are. However, the casting was spot-on… with the possible exception of Vladimir and Stefan… I thought they would be older. But I loved Garrett, Benjamin, Carmen and Eleazar, Zafrina… long etcetera.

One thing I really liked was that the part about J. Jenks was short and to the point. It takes forever in the book, and it’s boring.

What I liked the most? The ending… but I won’t say a thing about it. As River Song would say: spoilers. But it was clever, and brilliant. That I will say.

What did I not like? Baby Renesmee looked strange. The CGI was too obvious there. As for the personality of the baby, it was adorable. And Carlisle’s hair… would it have been horribly difficult to give him the hair from the first movie? Or at least the hairdo?

So, I liked this movie. I think it’s a very decent closure to the saga… Oh, and at the end they showed all the credits for the important characters from all the movies, including the two Victorias. I think that was a very nice touch.

Do I recommend it? Definitely. But if you’re one ot the people who hate Twilight by general principle, then I don’t, because no matter how good it is, you’ll still hate it.

I promise I’ll try to come back soon… life’s been getting in the way.

See you soon!


4 thoughts on “On the end of the Twilight Saga…

  1. I am very excited to see that we both loved the score to the movies. I think Alexander desplat and carter Burwell both did a fine job – I have most of the score as a favourite in my iPod. I suspect this has something to do with being a fan with an age beginning with a number greater than two! Thank you for your comment on my blog and I agree with a lot of what you said and I love finding out what everyone else thought of the film. The story that Stephanie M told was and will always remain an inspired, miraculous tale that took us all on a wonderful journey into the unknown and beyond and I think Melissa Rosenberg did a good job converting it. Great review.

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