On Les Mis, FINALLY!!!

So, Les Mis was FINALLY released in Mexico, and of course I went to see it… And here is what I thought!!



GREAT movie, in general. It did have flaws, but they were minor.

Performances: they were absolutely fantastic. The best, hands down, were Anne Hathaway and Hughg Jackman. Anne is probably going to win an Oscar. Hugh, as much as he deserves it, has the Daniel Day-Lewis issue. The Academy has a weakness for people who play historical characters. I think Hugh deserves it more, because singing and acting, and doing both well, is immensely more difficult than singing or acting alone. But that’s my opinion. The rest were very good. The only one who looked out of his element was Russell Crowe. His acting was great, as usual, but when he was singing… not that good. And he can’t sing that well either ( I know there are RC lovers who will hate this, but… sorry!! I love you!!). All the rest were pretty good. I was especially surprised with Amanda Seyfried. And two words more: Colm Wilkinson!! HE ROCKS!

As much as it has been mentioned before, I feel forced to mention it again: this movie was done with the actors actually singing in the moment. I can’t praise them high enough for that. Great idea, Mr. Hooper!!

There is always a ‘but’, right? Well, in this case, it was that the music failed to be explosive when it needs to be. I’ve heard that complaint before, and the movie theaters were to blame…. it’s either that, or the movie was the problem.

I still want to see the play someday, so I can assess the emotional power of it. However, the movie did a wonderful job. The fact that the actors could be either singing aloud or almost whispering gave it an incredible range… Valjean’s ‘conversion’ is an excellent example of that. When he says “he called me ‘brother'”, he broke my heart. In tiny little pieces.

I definitely recommend this movie. However, if you don’t enjoy musicals, don’t even try it. I hate it when people go to musicals and then they complain that “they were singing the whole time”. Of course!! IT’S A MUSICAL!!

With that, I say bye for now… Feel free to comment, since many of you probably saw it one or two months ago…

See you soon!!!


3 thoughts on “On Les Mis, FINALLY!!!

  1. Still haven’t seen it…am struggling with the Jackman/Hathaway thing, can’t stand either. And since Russell is getting horrid reviews….

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