On a new project!!

This new project that I’m talking about is a podcast.

As you very well know, I’m a big Harry Potter fan. Actually, I have participated in Harry Potter podcasts before (well, one… one which I very much hope continues in the future). Now, my good friend Rosie invited me to participate in “Aboard the Knight Bus”, a podcast in which we will do a chapter-by-chapter analysis of the Harry Potter book saga. We sill also discuss different aspects of the Harry Potter universe; movies vs. books, Pottermore, Houses, etc. We are only beginning, but I think you’ll enjoy the podcast. And as usual, comments are very much welcome.

Shameless plug finished. Now, if you’d visit Rosiesummers.podbean.com, you can find us there.

Well, I hope you listen to us, subscribe and give us great reviews (hehehe)…

See you soon!!


4 thoughts on “On a new project!!

  1. YAY!!!! Love you on The Secrets of Harry Potter…so happy to know you’re doing more!! And, hoping TSOHP comes back again some day, you guys had some great discussions. YAY!!!

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