On a newly remade classic and a more obscure romantic comedy.


I recently had the chance to watch two movies: The Three Musketeers and Admission. I thought I’d let you know my impressions in one post…


I saw Admission first. In this movie, Tina Fey plays Portia Nathan, a woman who works in the Admissions department at Princeton. She is married to her job, which is to find talented young people who can be admitted at said university. However, while she is visiting an alternative school she meets a very bright boy who, she is informed, may just be the son she gave up for adoption years before.

The movie kept me interested, and since I love Tina Fey and Paul Rudd, it was easy to watch. I have to say it’s really good to see Tina in a movie which is not just a comedy. She is a great actress, and she transmits both the comedy and the drama very effectively. The movie is not extremely good, but I do think it’s worth a watch. It has a story and performances that feel real, and it’s not all happiness; not at the beginning, middle or end.

One thing I liked but didn’t at the same time: Michael Sheen plays Portia’s boyfriend and then ex-boyfriend. He makes appearances here and there in the movie, but that’s it. I felt he was terribly wasted. Being the amazing actor that he is, he was just… there. I loved his scenes, but there were too scarce.

Now, on to the second movie…

Let me say this first of all: The Three Musketeers is one of my all-time favorite books. I’m pretty sure it was the first book that made me laugh and cry, and I was very young when I read it.

The last movie I had seen based on this book was the 1993 version (Kiefer Sutherland, Chris O’Donell). The best of that movie were Tim Curry and Rebecca de Mornay. Other than that… well, I thought the casting was terrible and the adaptation was too. Therefore, when I heard that there was a new Musketeers movie… well, I had my doubts. Especially since I saw Milla Jovovich (Milady) kicking butt in the trailers. That’s why I took my time before I saw it.


Well, I’m happy to report that I actually liked it, very much. It was far from perfect, but it was good. I appreciate that they took the time to have D’Artagnan (Logan Lerman) meet the musketeers the way that it is described in the book. Maybe it’s not super faithful (it’s been a while since I read it), but it is faithful. Another thing I liked was the casting. I felt it was spot on. D’Artagnan is the right age, for once, and I think Logan Lerman did a VERY good job. He looks youthful, but mature beyond his years. The musketeers were also fantastic: Matthew Macfadyen as reserved, thoughtful Athos, Ray Stevenson as buoyant, flirty Porthos and Luke Evans as quiet, spiritual Aramis. Christoph Waltz plays Cardinal Richelieu, and I think he did a very good job. However, I think he could have done better. This is odd, because I’m used to Waltz being incredible. I wanted to hate Richelieu, but it just didn’t happen. Orlando Bloom was good as Buckingham, but not that good… maybe it’s the way his character was written for this movie, but I didn’t particularly enjoy him. I actually liked Milla Jovovich as Milady very much. She played her double-agent role very well. I didn’t hate her, though… and I was hoping to hate Milady. The one I think was great was Mads Mikkelsen as Rochefort. Hateful, quiet and despicable. Just like he should be. Oh, and a special mention goes to James Corden (Craig, Stormageddon’s father in Doctor Who), who plays Planchet, the only servant who makes it into the movie. He was very funny; I loved him.

Some subplots were eliminated, like D’Artagnan’s love story (the deep one), Milady and the fleur-de-lis, and other stuff. However, I know that this was meant to be an action-adventure movie, and it truly was. An addition that was completely new was the flying ships, and I thought it was pretty cool. The comedy was light and spot on as well. And I do have to mention the little love story between the king and the queen is SO cute.

One other thing: it does leave space for a possible sequel… but I’m just not sure if that would work out.

In conclusion, I’m glad I bought The Three Musketeers. I will be watching it again, most definitely. It’s not a super faithful adaptation, but it was never meant to be. It’s a good action movie with very solid performances, witty and new. And I absolutely appreciate that.

That’s it for now… I hope to be back really soon!!


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