On a bald guy and a few minions…

Well, I’m back!! And this time, as you can imagine, I’m going to talk about Despicable me 2. I actually watched it some time ago, but I hadn’t gotten around to writing about it.


The movie continues the story of Gru, now a reformed villain who is deep into being a full time dad. He is asked to help unveil the identity of a villain who is causing a lot of trouble… although “asked” is an understatement. He doesn’t really have a choice.

Well, I have to say I was underwhelmed by this movie… maybe it was because of all the hype around it (you could basically see minions EVERYWHERE), but I expected a lot from it. And I’m sorry for all the people who loved it; I thought it didn’t deliver. The first Despicable me had a solid story, where the minions were just a part of it. It was entertaining and cute, and of course a lot of fun. This second part was… well, it was a movie about minions with some Gru in it. I think this second part is meant to be about how Gru falls in love, and although it does go around it, the story is… deluted. It’s not a love story, it’s not about this other villain. It’s everything at once.

Of course, I could be wrong… and I also have to watch it in English to get a complete image from the movie, since (despite what everyone says) I thought the voices in Spanish were awful. I’m sure hearing Steve Carrell and Kristen Wiig will greatly improve the movie.

Don’t get me wrong; I did laugh at parts (the minion song at the end, for example), but I expected so much more.

Please let me know if you agree of disagree… I love your comments!!!

Well, see you soon!!


2 thoughts on “On a bald guy and a few minions…

  1. I agree, it didn’t deliver. Maybe because all the minion videos have been circulating online before the movie even came out. I’ve watched those a few times and to watch it all again, without anything new, made the film disappointing.

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