On a little boy and his tiger…

Today I just felt like talking about something that I’ve liked for quite a few years now; sixteen years, give or take. That something is Bill Waterson’s Calvin and Hobbes.


I was introduced to Calvin and Hobbes, as I said, around sixteen years ago. I already liked a few comic strips, Mafalda being the main one. The thing with Mafalda is that it’s a very political strip, and I couldn’t understand lots of things growing up.

The main reason I liked Calvin and Hobbes since the beginning is this: he’s just a kid. A kid that is incredibly creative and smart. Hobbes is his conscience, but he can also be playful, smart, cuddly… Calvin is not a kid who thinks about existencial problems, or political ones. He hates girls, he doesn’t like to take a shower, he sometimes tries to outsmart his parents. Basically, he’s a little boy.

I get comic strips everyday by mail: I looooooove them!! One day, I just might get a book of them.

Well, that’s it for now… I’ll be back soon!! See you!!


2 thoughts on “On a little boy and his tiger…

  1. Lucky for you there are lots of Calvin and Hobbes books then! I love these guys too, they’re always funny and cute.

    Sadly, your post ‘On Kittens’ didn’t work for me 😦

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