On something completely new…

HA!!! You know what is completely new? The fact that I have actually seen movies, but I haven’t gotten around to talking about them. 


Some movies that I have seen lately, new and not that new, are Star Trek: Into Darkness, The Conjuring, Iron Man 3, Wreck it Ralph… and I’m sure I have seen more, but I just can’t recall which ones now. So, I guess in this post I will tackle the first one I mentioned and I’ll continue to do so in subsequent posts.

Star Trek: Into Darkness….. well, the first words that come to mind are these two: BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. Oh. My. Goodness!!!!! That man is unbelievably good. But let’s go little by little.

I think the movie as a whole is even better than the first one. I was able to enjoy it more because the Spock-is-friends-with-Kirk subplot is solved since the beginning, so now we get to really enjoy their relationship. Kirk, who is all emotion, and Spock, all mind. Or is he? Hehehehe… in any case, they are great, especially in the scenes where they are together.

All the supporting characters are SO good. I especially enjoyed Simon Pegg; he is hilarious. And boy, did he do exercise in this movie!! He was running almost all the time!! Karl Urban. Yum. I love the guy. And of course, Benedict. I don’t really know if to call him “supporting” is fair, since he basically carries the movie. He was a fantastic villain. Ruthless, yet likeable. And totally believable!! You get to see his anger, his sadness, his frustration, his I-look-like-you-but-I’m-not-really-like-you vibe. And he can really sell his great warrior reputation. I really can’t praise him highly enough. I can’t wait to see him in more things!

This is a movie that is full of action, but is really clever as well, absolutely enjoyable and recommendable. If you like Sci-Fi, that is. If not… well, you should. It’s awesome.

I’ll be back soon to give my views on The Conjuring.

See you soon!


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