On something that makes me pretty sad.

Yup. I have actually seen movies and stuff (Thor being pretty recent), but now I want to write about a fact that actually saddens me.

The other day I read a post about a waitress that found a note inviting her to accept Christ as her savior on what she thought was a bill, but was a paper disguised as such. Obviously, she felt frustrated. I thought that was pretty low for anyone to do, because a waiter expects money, not a religious invitation, and what is worse, a disguised one. Therefore, I commented that I thought that was wrong, and I said that there are always people who resort to those things, but not all believers in Christ are the same.

What ensued was terrible. While many people shared my opinion, many others took advantage of the opportunity to say horrible things about Christians in general, and to attack what we believe in. They took it completely out of proportion and ATTACKED everyone who dared say they believe in Christ.

I think things like that are horrible. I know there are many kinds and denominations of Christians. Some of them actively try to make you believe exactly in what they do –and I hate that. The vast majority do NOT. I do think everyone is entitled to their beliefs, and I just dislike when someone tries to make me change my mind to adopt their point of view. What the customers did to the waitress is dodgy to say the least. I said so. And then, many so called “atheists” (because I know that being an atheist does NOT make you horrible or disrespectful) attack me just because I’m a Christian, not bothering to investigate exactly what kind of a Christian I am, or even how my religion actually goes or what it actually says.

As I said before, those people who call themselves atheists are in fact HATERS. And that is bad. They just hate, hate, hate. Some of them hate all religions, some hate only Jewish or Muslim people, some only Christians. That makes me sad. It makes me sad because, in these times where everybody DEMANDS “tolerance”, not everybody are willing to be tolerant and/or accepting of others. So hypocritical. It makes me sad because people are missing a huge point: LOVE is what will make us free. And in order to expect love, you first need to love others. I just can’t respect people who demand what they are not willing to offer.

Well, I guess that is the end of my rant. I’m sorry if I totally deviated from what I normally address… I really needed to say this.

See you soon… in the meantime, please know that I love you guys. It means a lot to me that you actually take the time to read what I have to say. ❤


2 thoughts on “On something that makes me pretty sad.

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I get as upset as you when people hate simply because they want to. Trying to force their beliefs on others shows their intolerance, not their acceptance. It saddens me that so many are so willing to hate people they don’t even know, or who believe something different. I appreciate you standing up and speaking out.

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