On The Day of the Doctor…

I know it has been a while since The Day of the Doctor, the 50th anniversary Doctor Who special episode,  aired. Maybe many of you guys have or have not seen it… I can’t promise there will be no spoilers, so… SPOILER ALERT!! Hehehehehe…

First and foremost, I have to say that I completely loved the episode. So, so clever. And you know how much I love clever, right? Moffat found the way to make all us Whovians geek out and, at the same time, give some closure to things that had never gotten any.

I think the first of this examples was the eternal question, how did Eight regenerate? The answer was not very surprising, since there had been many theories and it had been well established that John Hurt would be the Doctor. The great thing is that dear Moffat gave us a mini episode in which all this regeneration thing was shown:

It was all explained: the Doctor decided he needed to be a warrior in a time where a Doctor was not needed. And we got to see Paul McGann!! Awesome!!!

The special episode itself was great, I think. So many easter eggs!! If you want a list of those, there is a great one here:

And part two:

I was actually very curious as to how the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler would be involved… and I found it out to be very subtle and very well done. Rose Tyler wasn’t really Rose Tyler, but the interface of The Moment, a terribly dangerous weapon that the War Doctor would use to annihilate both Daleks and Time Lords. Everything was so well done; I loved it. And at the end of everything, the War Doctor regenerates into the Ninth (and the special effects team let us see a glimpse of Nine’s eyebrow), and all makes perfect sense. Even with the fact that the Doctor goes find the girl that the Interface mentions; one Rose Tyler. I know some people out there didn’t like this, but I thought it was genius.

My favorite parts… well, there are many, for example, Nine and Ten admiring each other’s brainy specs; all the banter they had; “we’re confusing the polarity”; all the interactions between the three Doctors… John Hurt was genius, really. Amazing. The moment when the Ninth Doctor appears saying “and for my next trick…”, I positively bawled. I miss him SO much, and I am so disappointed he didn’t participate in the 50th… oh, well. You can’t always get what you want. And that “we need a new destination, because… I don’t want to go”… more bawling. And of course, I have to mention Tom Baker’s appearance at the end. Pure genius.

Oh, and I got to watch it at the movies; that means 3D!! I thought it was very good, by the way. Not too much; just right.


I also want to mention a short episode with Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy and Colin Baker… I couldn’t find a link for it, but if you can watch it, please do!! The Five(ish) Doctors reboot… a 30(ish) minute gem.

Well, I think I can confidently say that I loved this anniversary episode… and I’m both looking forward to and dreading the Christmas special. I don’t want Matt to go, and I know I will cry my heart out when he does, but I’m also really excited about Peter Capaldi’s arrival. I know he’ll be brilliant.

Well, I’ll go now… I promise I’ll try to come back soon. See ya!


Please let me know what you think!!

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