On… the Desolation of Smaug!!!

Yessssss!!!! Last Sunday I had the chance to see The Desolation of Smaug… I saw it in 2D, and proudly, by the way. These are my impressions. And just so you know, I can’t promise there won’t be spoilers


This movie is WONDERFUL!!! It’s not perfect, but I think it does justice to the book. Here are some things I liked about it:

  • Tauriel. I think this elf is a very good addition to the story. She is a total badass, and she is by far the purest and kindest of the woodland elves. She’s open minded and fair, not to mention superb at fighting!
  • Thranduil. He’s just as I imagined him in the book. Beautiful to behold, but a completely horrible and selfish person.
  • Legolas. Do I need reasons? My favorite scene involving Legolas is the one in which he discusses Gloin’s pictures.
  • Kili. The plot involving Kili and his injury is pretty good, and a very nice parallel to Frodo and his injury caused by the Witch-King of Angmar.
  • The barrel scene. This I can’t describe as anything except AWESOME. I especially loved Bombur and Legolas in this part… and those dwarves can work in a team!!
  • Gandalf vs. the Necromancer. This is superb!!! The scene where the Necromancer reveals himself for who he really is… just amazing. And Benedict Cumberbatch!!
  • Bilbo vs. Smaug. Not as long as I hoped it would be, but still incredible. And Benedict Cumberbatch!!
  • The inside of Erebor. What a beauty… everything looked wonderful and majestic!! I loved it!!
  • Bard. Good looking, but grim and distrustful… I really liked him. Luke Evans does a wonderful job.
  • The Master. Hooray for Stephen Fry!!
  • The scene in the furnaces. Wonderful, beautiful, and intense.
  • The spiders. EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW!!!! Horrible creatures!! Also a great parallel to Frodo and Shelob.

Those are only the ones I can remember now… and now, a few things I didn’t really like:

  • Beorn. This scene could have been longer and much more beautiful, as well as funny. We don’t really get just how hungry and tired the dwarves were, or just how good Beorn really is.
  • Legolas’s eyes. Too blue… and too much eyeliner. I preferred his eyes in LOTR, big time.
  • No Misty Mountains tune. I know, I know… that tune is all over AUJ. But I missed it so much!!!

I think that’s it… everyone was superb in this movie… and the time comes close to lose some people, be hurt by others and have big misunderstandings… and to fight the final battle!!

I hope you tell me what you thought of this movie… in the meantime, have fun!!

See you soon!


Please let me know what you think!!

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