On a fun exercise about being a #fangirl!!

Hello! Today I saw this post on a favourite blogger of mine (Jeyna Grace, who is an excellent fan-fiction writer) and I thought it would be fun to do it. And I thought, since I am a HUGE fangirl, it should be fun. Nevermind the age… 😉

So, here is the image that started it…



And here are my answers:

1. That would be a fictional one, and it would be the Phantom of the Opera. Ever since I saw a sketch including some music from the play (when I was about 8 or 9), I never stopped looking for the music. And that was quite something, since I didn’t even know who composed it. Finally, when I was about 18, I found it. My favourite musical so far, and to which I know all the lyrics.

2. Well… I’ve got many. There is Doctor Who, A Song of Ice and Fire, and of course, Sherlock. Quite the #fangirl, I am.

3. I think that would be Led Zeppelin… but Pink Floyd is a close second.

4. Fernando Delgadillo. I love how he sings.

5. Oh!! That would definitely be Charlie from Emergency Awesome. Totally geeky, totally cool! I love his videos! He talks about geeky shows, gives reviews, answers questions… I think if you haven’t, you should subscribe. Just saying.

6. Miguel Ríos. Excellent concert!!

7. Seriously??? Well… I’ll go with The Lord of the Rings trilogy. No surprises there.

8. Well, that’s hard. My favourite actor is Christian Bale. He is absolutely awesome. And… I’ll say my favourite actress nowadays is Jennifer Lawrence. She’s real, down to earth, and such an EXCELLENT performer. Special mention goes to Tom Hiddleston.

9. Hehehehe… that would be Noah Hathaway, Atreyu in The Neverending Story.

10. Yup. Almost everyday. Funnily enough, nowadays more than ever… maybe it’s because I don’t give a –insert curse word– anymore about what people think, but when I was a young girl I cared A LOT.

11. The Lord of the Rings.

12. Doctor Who. Bar none.

13. Well, the Doctor, of course!! After him, John Watson.

14. About the ASOIAF fandom, I love how we are extremely careful not to spoil the show (Game of Thrones) to the unsullied viewers. We are also smart (in general), and love deep discussions.

15. About the Harry Potter fandom, House hate. And funnily enough, intolerance. And about the Doctor Who fandom, I hate how there are people -especially young girls- who are fans of some Doctor or another, but not of THE Doctor. Someone who would say “oh, but Capaldi is so OLD” is not really a fan. Sorry, that’s the truth.

16. Well, I would definitely take a bullet for my children… for the people I fangirl over? I guess you never know; it depends on the situation.

17. No, not really.

18. Well… once I met a comedian who I really like, but one of my idols… no, not yet.

19. I have merchandise from Doctor Who as a whole, not only a definite person.

20. There are a few. Going to the cinema to watch the Doctor Who 50th. Anniversary special… seeing Tom Hiddleston dressed as Loki shouting “kneel” at the ComicCon (on video, of course)… those two are the best. The first one is more special, obviously.

Well, that’s about it. I’d love to read your comments on this post!! And of course, if you have any more questions, I’d be delighted to answer them.

Until then, see you!!


9 thoughts on “On a fun exercise about being a #fangirl!!

    • Oh, no. I never really liked Bastian. Atreyu was always more attractive to me, especially after I read the book… 🙂 That is one remake I’d love to see done, but really well done. The book is amazing, and justice was done only to a small part of it.

  1. I’ve stated time and time again that my favourite actor is Russell Crowe, with a nod to Alan Rickman, but I have to say, Christian Bale is moving up the list. There may be a three-way tie for first 😉
    And I do love Jennifer Lawrence, but after Gravity, I’m going with Sandra Bullock.

    • I know… I’ve been known to buy movies just because Bale is in them. I did with The Machinist, and I wasn’t disappointed.

      ARGH!! IU have yet to watch Gravity… I’ve been told it’s excellent!!

      I’m really glad to hear from you! 😀

  2. I saw American Hustle this afternoon, and Christian Bale is fabulous, and almost unrecognizable. Jennifer Lawrence is a riot too. The movie just lights up when she’s on screen.
    I had to peel my hands of the chair arms at the end of Gravity. I was exhausted, I was so tense for the whole movie. It is the best movie I’ve seen in a decade, easily.

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