On a Frozen Soldier…

Well, I’m here. Late, but better late than never. As promised, I’ll discuss Frozen and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.


I know everyone already talked about how awesome Frozen is, but I haven’t. So, here I go. I do think it’s a fantastic movie; it’s actually beautiful to look at. The music is catchy; once you hear it, you can’t get it out of your head, like… for days on end. And I love the fact that it’s not your typical movie about boy meets girl, they fall in love, boys saves girl’s day. It’s much more than that. It’s a true story about self sacrifice… about true sisterly love. And also about true romantic love, although it’s not the principal theme (funnily enough, it debunks the typical theory that there’s always love at first sight, very much like Enchanted did). It’s a story about how love is truly the most powerful thing, and how fear that’s out of control is the most dangerous thing.

I guess by now everyone has seen it or at least heard of it; still, here it goes: Frozen is the story of Elsa and Anna, princesses of Arendelle. Elsa has powers over snow; Anna loves her sister’s powers. Elsa accidentally freezes Anna’s head, so she is made to forget everything about Elsa’s powers in order to save her. Their parents then proceed to keep Elsa hidden, so no one learns of her powers, until she can’t stay hidden anymore… and then, a life full of fear results in terrible consequences.

I think it’s remarkable how the King and Queen of Arendelle are less than perfect. I mean, if the Troll King just told your daughter that fear will be her enemy… why on Earth would you make her be afraid of herself until she loses control? It’s funny how she was in perfect control of her powers when she was a fearless child, and then she just can’t control them anymore. Her parents seem to forget all the advice they got from the Troll King, since they do the exact opposite of what he says. I find all this fascinating because it’s not everyday that Disney gives you less-than-perfect real parents… the kind of parents you would actually find in real life. This movie shows you how if you instill fear in your kids’ hearts, they’ll be in a very vunerable place, especially when you’re gone.

My favorite parts? The music, obviously. It’s great, seriously great. The fact that they actually made me believe in Hans… I love how this movie shows how we are normally so insecure, and the only ones who see how cool we really are are other people. Anna never loses faith in Elsa, even when she had no self-confidence. Elsa’s disbelief when she discovers Olaf is alive is priceless… a deep moment of realization. If these powers can give life, then they must not be so terrible after all… Oh, and my favorite character? SVEN. I love Sven.

To finish my review of Frozen, here’s a little HISHE on it, illustrating some of my previous comments… enjoy.

Now, on to Captain America: The Winter Soldier.


I thought Avengers was my favorite Marvel movie… until I watched Winter Soldier.

I just can’t describe how much I loved this film. Superb acting, lots of action, conspiracies, a very clever follow-up on Agents of Shield… I promise, I couldn’t shake the uneasiness until about half an hour after the movie finished.

This movie is basically about how good old Captain America and Black Widow keep working for SHIELD… until they discover a very complicated and deep conspiracy inside it. I won’t say anything else, because the movie is relatively new.

After watching this, I can only say: can we get a Black Widow movie??? PLEASE??? She is an incredibly interesting character… and I need to know what happened in Budapest. So please, Marvel, get working on it.

This movie is a turning point in the Marvel universe… I can’t wait to see what happens after; things will have to change for all the Avengers, not to mention SHIELD. I enjoyed every second of it, and I can’t wait for CA3. I think my favorite part is Nick Fury escaping from whomever wants him dead… great, great action. Loved it!!!

Well, there it is. As promised. I know I need to work on getting to my goals on time, but seeing as how little time I have to write, this is a great accomplishment.

See you soon; I have more goals to accomplish!! 😉


Please let me know what you think!!

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