On an AMAZING Spider person…


I’m not going to talk about my favorite series today. Why, say you? Because today I watched The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and it made the name justice. It was amazing! Don’t worry about spoilers; I know many of you haven’t seen it, so I won’t give out what happens, but I do have to tell you that I loved it.

The movie basically deals with how Peter Parker leads his life after he broke the promise he made to Gwen’s father. Of course he can’t keep away from her, right? Also, as the trailers have already given out, there’s this guy who is virtually invisible who becomes obsessed with Spider-Man… and what happens when he feels betrayed, even if he wasn’t really.

I have to say, I loved this movie. The acting was flawless. I was happy that aunt May was given more screen time, because I love Sally Field in that role. She is really awesome. Jamie Foxx was great, Dane deHaan was also great as Harry… although I have to say that I think he has an odd face. I don’t know; he’s just odd. But great. However my favorites were Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. They’re just super believable and actually adorable.


I was debating a bit earlier who my favorite was between Garfield and Maguire. Definitely, it’s Andrew Garfield. He’s just so warm, and those big eyes make him so adorable!

The movie is definitely very recommendable. It made me laugh so many times, and it also made me cry my eyes out. It’s surprising, full of action and incredible special effects. Watch it as soon as you can!

ONE MORE THING: stay for the credits. There’s an extra scene that BLEW MY MIND.

Well, that’s it for now… see you soon!


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