On the devastating death of a TV character…

Ok, I suppose this is not a spoiler anymore. It can’t be, since it’s been all over the internet. In any case, for those Grey Anatomy lovers who haven’t seen the most recent episode, *SPOILER ALERT*.

The show had been hinting at it, and not very subtly at that. And then, last Thursday we saw the impossible. Derek Shepherd, a.k.a. McDreamy, died.

At the beginning of the episode, nothing was wrong, at least with him. He actually helped save the lives of four people who were in a car crash. He was his sweet, reassuring self one more time. And just when you thought everything was alright, he gets into his car and his car is crashed by a trailer. He’s taken to a hospital, only to be treated by less than well-trained doctors. And he, one of the best neurosurgeons in the country, suffers brain death. The irony kills me. Meredith is taken to see him and, of course, she decides to retire all life support and he dies. Cue wailing and crying.


I’m not mad about him being killed off. It’s just, it wasn’t fair. Much less important characters have received much more dignified deaths.

First of all, during the crash he was careful enough to leave his car out of the way, in case there were cars coming. They repeated more times than I can think of that there wasn’t a cell signal. Then, suddenly his cell phone rings and he just stops in the middle of the highway to answer it? So unlike him. Then, during his admission to the hospital, it was frustrating to see how he knew perfectly well what had to be done, but no one would do it. A stupid male doctor overrides what a female doctor thinks, and which could have saved his life. They page the neurosurgeon, who in turn takes an hour and a half to appear. Ultimately, Derek knows he’ll die because these people have no idea what they’re doing. And of course he does.

I admired the way they portrayed Meredith’s reaction. She was perfect. She was hurting and pissed off, but a doctor nevertheless. She does what she deems correct. I especially liked this dialogue:

Nurse – Are you ready?

Meredith – No. But go ahead.

We’re never ready to see those whom we love go. That’s the naked truth.

Anyway, now that I’ve said this, I’ll rant a bit. Many other characters have gotten dignified deaths. The two best examples: Denny and George. I mean, I remember perfectly well when George died. Super emotional episode. Denny’s death… horrible, yet dignified. Derek’s death? Rushed, illogical, sad. NOT COOL. THE most beloved character of the show got the most senseless death.

I’ll continue to watch because I am a fan of the series. However, I don’t think this was fair nor right. I’ve spoken.

Let me know what you think! See you soon!


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