On some animated feelings…

Yup. The offspring and I went to see “Inside out” today. We went to a special theater for children, and it was a cool experience. 


Alas, I wasn’t able to see the movie in its original language. It really annoys me that you can only see animated movies dubbed in Spanish here in Mexico, and I normally avoid them until they are released on DVD. However, we had wanted to visit this special theater for children for some time, and I thought this was the perfect movie to try it. I do have to say the voices in Spanish were pretty good, but I think I’ll only get the full scope of the movie once I watch it in English. It’s never the same, you know.

The short film that they showed before the movie is called “Lava”. It’s visually fascinating; however, I didn’t like it nearly as much as others, like “Night and Day”. But then again, it was also in Spanish. There is no dialog, only singing, and the fact that it wasn’t in its original language took me out of it. I’ll have to wait and see.

As for the movie itself, I really think it’s another Pixar hit. It’s funny, it’s clever, and it has the heart in the right place. It’s stunningly beautiful, and more than anything, it is ORIGINAL.

As you may know, Inside out deals with the feelings inside someone, Joy and Sorrow being the protagonists. I won’t spoil the movie for anyone; I will only say this: the moral of the story is that we are complex beings with complex emotions, and learning to balance our emotions is key to being healthy. If I were to criticize something, I’d say it would have been good that the kid who the movie is about had learned something about her emotions, but that didn’t happen, since the movie focuses on the emotions themselves.

Oh, if you want to have fun, pay attention to what happens during the end credits. Hilarious.

I highly recommend this movie. It’s clever, sweet, funny, and a tad sad, just like any respectable Pixar movie.

See you soon!


Please let me know what you think!!

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