Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated by Life of cowie for this award. It was a nice surprise!! Thank you so much, it made my day! Life of cowie is a very good blog… I’m humbled you thought of me for this.

Nominees must: Tell seven things about themselves, pass the award on to 15 other blogs and thank the person who nominated them for the award. Also no one is obligated to take the award, so don’t feel you have to accept it.

About me:

1. I am a wife and mother to three wonderful boys.

2. I love fantasy literature.

3. I can be very obsessive about the things I like (as if you hadn’t noticed).

4. I have always wanted to be an actress and singer, especially in musicals.

5. I love to cook; I actually studied Gastronomy for one semester.

6. I like cats and would love to have one, but their hair sticks in my throat…

7. My favorite number is 7.

My nominations are as follows:

Jeyna Grace – She writes awesome Harry Potter fanfiction.

So delushios! – Chriss writes about food and her cooking, plus she’s hilarious.

Banana Feed – Patrick writes about movies, TV shows and videogames, and he also shares stuff he finds on the web.

Another cup of coffee – Maria talks about her Faith, her life, and coffee. And coffee.

Just another day of Catholic Pondering – Sarah writes about books, her Faith, her life, her kids… and she’s awesome at it.

Una mexicana en Barcelona – Laura writes about her life in Barcelona; this one is in Spanish.

El cocinero fiel – Food… easy and good. Also in Spanish.

Finísima Persona – Toño writes about his podcast, other podcasts and stuff that happens to him. Also in Spanish, and R rated…

Remote Access – Movies, reviews, clever comments.

Domestic Diva, M.D. – Food and anecdotes, especially Medical School related. Always fun to read.

Rantings of an Amateur Chef – In his own words: “Food…cooking…eating….tools – What works, and what doesn’t!”

Manipal’s Photo Blog – Beautiful pictures, interesting read.

Tea leaves and dog ears – Books, books, authors, e-books…

MWF Seeking BFF – Best friends, all about them.

Mama’s gotta bake – Baking!! Need I say anything else?

Ok everyone, see you soon, and thanks for your attention!


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