On my favorite drama…

Oh, I love this category. There are so many dramas that are absolutely worth it!!! However, there can be only one.

Day 3: Favorite Drama.

The Godfather part 2, bar none!! I LOVE this movie!! It’s so interesting, so heartwrenching… plus, we get to see a very hot Robert de Niro. As someone once said, everything that you have to know about life, you can see in The Godfather.

Great. Now I want to see the trilogy again… Actually, I heard they might make a part 4. I wouldn’t like that very much… I think it’s a round trilogy as it is, even with Sofia Coppola.

What about you? Whet’s your favorite drama? Would you like to see a 4th part?

See you soon!



2 thoughts on “On my favorite drama…

  1. This took a long time, there are so many dramas that I love, but I’m going with Schindler’s List because it’s one that, after all these years, is still with me.

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